Tickets are now on sale for the World Premiere of The Many Monsters of Sadness. Go to the Nashville Film Festival website to purchase them today. April 19, 10pm.

The Many Monsters of Sadness to premiere on April 19, 10pm. Nashville Film Festival.

We wanted to announce that The Many Monsters of Sadness will premiere at the Nashville Film Festival on opening night, Thursday, April 19, at 10pm. Tickets go on sale early April.

We hope you can be there, especially if you live near Nashville. Or if you live anywhere, really.

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We’re happy to announce that The Many Monsters of Sadness has been accepted into the Nashville Film Festival, and the film will have its World Premiere at the festival. We’ll also be doing a Cincinnati Premiere on May 6. Tickets will go on sale for that soon.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed time or money to make this film happen.

- Motke Dapp and Ryan Hartsock


Since we’re unveiling stuff today for The Many Monsters of Sadness (and the related short films), I’m please to reveal the poster for the short film A Spoonful of Zanny, a chapter from The Many Monsters of Sadness.

Go here to find out more about the short film, and go here to find out about all 3 films.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the trailer for the feature film. The trailer for A Spoonful of Zanny should be done in the next few weeks.

A post from our director and writer, Motke Dapp.

The official trailer for the feature film “The Many Monsters of Sadness” has arrived!

We’re excited to show you the poster artwork for The Many Monsters of Sadness (part 3 - full feature length)! You can download the poster and the desktop wallpaper version at:

Rough Cut continues…

We haven’t dropped off the planet…we’re buried deep in the editing room. We just watched the first 62 minutes of Many Monsters. Movie magic!

Cast and Crew hanging out between shots on “Many Monsters of Sadness” (Chapter 3)

Behind-the-scenes of “The Many Monsters of Sadness” (chapter 1) starring Ellen Tift Goebel.

The primary cast and crew of Many Monsters